Dr Theo Wildcroft

Theo Wildcroft, PhD is a researcher investigating the democratization and evolution of physical practice as it moves beyond both traditional and early modern frameworks of relationship. Her PhD was a significant advance in the analysis of contemporary yoga pedagogies. Her research continues to consider the democratization of yoga post-lineage, and meaning-making in grassroots communities of practice. She is an Associate Lecturer at the Open University, UK, former Coordinator of the SOAS Centre of Yoga Studies, editor of the BASR Bulletin, honorary member of the British Wheel of Yoga, member of the IAYT, and a continuing professional development trainer and consultant for Yoga Alliance (US). Her monograph Post-lineage yoga: from guru to #metoo is available from Equinox.


Forthcoming, (with Harriet McAtee.) A Survival Guide for Yoga Teachers. (Singing Dragon).

Forthcoming, (with Barbora Sojkova.) Yoga Studies in Five Minutes (Equinox Publishing).

2020. Post-lineage yoga: From guru to #metoo (Equinox Publishing).

2020. “Re-telling the self in personal practice.” In Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca, Alice Lagaay (ed.) The Routledge Companion to Performance Philosophy. (Routledge).

2020. “Post-lineage yoga: adventures in social media.” Journal of the British Association for the Study of Religion, 21: 92-113. URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10468/12143

2017. (with Alison Robertson.) “Sacrifices at the altar of self-transformation’, Body and Religion, 1: 88-109. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1558/bar.31763

2016. “Context. Consent. Contact. An Animist Approach to Consent.” in Christine Hoff Kraemer and Yvonne Aburrow (eds.), Pagan Consent Culture: Building Communities of Empathy and Autonomy (Asphodel Press).

In addition, Theo Wildcroft is Managing Editor of Body and Religion, Reviewer for Race and Yoga Journal and Routledge Handbook of Yoga and Meditation, and Bulletin Editor for the British Association for the Study of Religion.

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