Prof. Federico Squarcini

Federico Squarcini taught at Florence University and at the Università La Sapienza, Rome, before joining the Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice, Italy, where he is currently Associated Professor of History of Religions. Prof. Squarcini lectures on a range of South-Asia related topics, including Indian philosophy and religions. He is also Director of doctoral studies with regard to Asian subjects and In 2012 he launched the Ca’ Foscari Yoga Studies MA (information in Italian here), which he continues to direct. His main teaching and research interests include Sanskrit normative textual traditions (dharmaśāstra), intellectual history of asceticism and anthropotechnics, western receptions of South Asian cultural and intellectuals traditions, methods and theories in the studies of religions. More information on Prof. Squarcini’s research and teaching can be found here.

Yoga and Philosophy Related Publications

Patañjali Yogasūtra (translation, commentary and notes) (Einaudi 2015)

Tradition, Veda and Law. Studies on South Asian Classical Intellectual Traditions (Anthem 2011)

Yoga. Fra storia, salute e mercato; with Luca Mori (Carocci 2008)

Il Buddhismo contemporaneo. Rappresentazioni, Istituzioni, Modernità; with Marta Sernesi (Società Editrice Fiorentina 2006)

Ex Oriente Lux, Luxus, Luxuria. Storia e sociologia delle tradizioni religiose sudasiatiche in Occidente (Società Editrice Fiorentina 2006)

Boundaries, Dynamics and Construction of Traditions in South Asia; Editor (Firenze University Press 2005)

Verso l’India, Oltre l’India. Scritti e ricerche sulle tradizioni intellettuali sudasiatiche; Editor (Mimesis 2002)

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