A detail from a landscape painting with a pink sky, a few trees spread over a sparse desert, and a distant pink-coloured mountain.

Yoga Studies

A Sadhu sits by a river and applies his tilaka (forehead marking) while using his mobile phone as a mirror.

Rediscovering Yoga’s Diverse History | An Interview with David Gordon White

Dec 8, 2023
This interview with yoga scholar David Gordon White provides a compelling window into the development of yoga studies as an academic discipline over the past 50 years and reflections on White’s prolific career researching South Asian religions. A leading historian of tantra and medieval Indian asceticism, White shares how his early fascination with Indian spirituality …

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The soles of Sadhu's feet as he reclines on the ground. The heals are cracked and aged.

Indology: Voices from the field

May 30, 2023
A selection of recommended texts and links to SOAS online talks which will help you further explore the subject of Indology. The featured authors are Geoffrey Samuel, Gavin Flood, and Jessica Frazier.
Detail from a manuscript folio depicting Sanskrit text and an illustrated scene of Krishna Dancing: Page from the Dispersed

Introduction to Indology

May 30, 2023
In this episode we talk to Dr Jim Mallinson on the discipline of Indology. What the discipline entails, its place in academia and some of the skills that prove useful when researching the history and culture of Pre-modern India.
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